What To Wear For Date Night

March 27 2023

What to wear for date night?
What to wear for date night?
Choosing the ideal date night outfit can be both exhilarating and nerve-wrecking, whether it's your first or fifty-first date. The decision becomes even more complex if it’s a stay-at-home date. Should you dress up as if you were going out, or wear something cute and comfy? 

We’ve gathered a few date night wardrobe ideas to suit any scenario. Here are some of the greatest outfits to help spice up your date night wardrobe, from upgraded loungewear for a movie night, to freshening up your favourite skirt for those dinner reservations.

A Matching Set: What could be more comfortable than loungewear while watching a movie and ordering in? Matching sets have become a staple in many wardrobes and there are ways to make them look chicer. From fun prints and bold colours to monochromatic ensembles, a matching set will give the impression that you made an effort to put together an outfit for the occasion.

An All Black Outfit: You can never go wrong with an all black look. Whether that is a black top with black dress pants, or a simple black dress- black on black is always refined, timeless, and suitable for any occasion. If it feels too dark for you, try adding a coloured shoe or statement purse to brighten up the look.

A Blazer Over Anything: Blazers have the ability to dress up any outfit. You can add one on top of your basic t-shirt and jeans, or even throw one over your dress.

Leather Bottoms: There’s something about leather that just pulls together  an ensemble. Faux leather leggings, joggers, and straight leg pants look great paired with a blouse, sweater, or graphic tee. If you find a leather bottom with stretch-bonus points for the added comfort.

A Dress: Any time of the year, a dress and boots or heels make the ideal combination for a date night look. Depending on where you’re going, try adding a sleek jacket overtop or a pair of tights to change up the look. 

Don't forget- date nights are supposed to be fun! Make sure you pick an outfit that allows you to enjoy your significant other in comfort, style and confidence.